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Grayton Beach’s Facebook Page

From the Grayton Beach Facebook Page:


Grayton Beach is located in South Walton, Florida (, along Scenic Highway 30A (
If Seaside is the heart of Scenic Highway 30A, then Grayton Beach is her soul. In fact, in these parts, Grayton is where vacationing first began, with early travelers arriving by horse and buggy to these sugar-white shores.Populated with historic cottages, twisting oak trees, quaint shops and galleries, and fun and quirky residents (the community’s unofficial slogan is “Nice …

Dogs, Strange People”), Grayton Beach is also the only place in the region where you can take a 4-wheel drive vehicle directly out onto the sand (but only with a proper permit!).

The preferred Sunday hangout for many locals, kids love to splash-around in the warm waters of the Western Lake outfall, while watching dolphins skip across the emerald green Gulf.

Grayton is home to Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse and its popular music venue tucked away around back (nicknamed “The Backyard of Love”). Of course, Grayton’s also home to South Walton’s famous Red Bar – home of a million fuzzy memories, as well as jazz and bluegrass bands that get the crowds dancing almost every night. Was that a big celebrity that you just spotted back in the corner booth? Probably. But we don’t bother them here. Just like they rest of us, they come to 30A and South Walton to relax and create special memories with their families. That’s what Grayton’s all about.

Consistently voted one of nation’s most beautiful and pristine beaches (and frequently hailed as the #1 beach in America), Grayton Beach State Park is a 2,000-acre treasure that features camping, hiking, various YOLO board and eco tour activities, biking trails through sand dunes and pine flatwoods, two rare coastal dune lakes, a boat ramp, or course, Grayton’s stunning white-sand beaches.

Grayton Beach State Park features a campground loop with 34 rustic sites, and while Grayton’s campground is not as refined as Topsail State Preserve’s RV facility further west on Scenic Highway 30A, hey, isn’t that the whole point?

Don’t own a million-dollar RV? A 2-person pup-tent just isn’t your idea of paradise? No worries. Grayton Beach State Park also has 30 very nice two-bedroom, one-bath “cabins” (they’re more like nice duplex apartments) for rent, each with central heating and cooling and a full kitchen.


“30A’s beaches are the finest, whitest sand beaches in the country–probably the world.” ~Stephen P. Leatherman (a.k.a. “Dr. Beach”)

“To find the finest beaches in the world, intrepid Americans might head to Saint Tropez on the French Riviera or perhaps Austrailia’s famed Gold Coast. But the ultimate sun-drenched powder-sand fantasy lies not on some distant shore, but on the coast of Northwest Florida.” ~Coastal Living

“The beach communities on Scenic Highway 30A somehow manage to drip Southern family charm, pioneer cutting-edge design, and stay out of the limelight. They Also share what may be the best beach in the continental U.S.” ~The New York Times

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