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Price and Days on Market Analysis

The previous post was the great news about how sales #’s are up, well more great news folks.. sales prices are up too! In the past 6 months (12/12/11-6/12/12) the average sales price for residential single family homes was $796,113. For the same 6 months the previous year, the average sales price was $771,644. This means, the average sales price is up $24,469 or (3.17%) for the past 6 months compared to the year before.

For these properties analyzed the average days on the market for the previous 6 months was 229, whereas the same 6 months the year before was 277. A fantastic change of selling the home 48 days faster.

To take away a conclusion from this information is pretty darn simple. For the previous 6 months compared to the same 6 months the year before; sales are up, prices are up, and days on the market is down.
(based on averages for total sales of residential single family homes)

Keep in mind these numbers are very raw numbers with a lot of variables. If you would like a more narrow focused market analysis for your property please let us know if we can assist you.


Home Sales #’s are Up

In south Santa Rosa Beach and east South Walton area (east30a) in the past 6 months (12/12/11-6/12/12) 36 more residential single family homes have sold than the same six months the previous year. 274 residential single family homes have sold in the past 6 months. Sales numbers for condos are down just a little bit this year over last. Buyers are looking to buy and for you sellers out there, things are obviously picking up! Contact us if we can assist you with your real estate needs.

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