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After posting the previous market analysis, I thought it was needed to go back a little further to see the sales trends for Residential Single Family Homes sold in 2009 compared to 2010 and 2011. I used the same variables, 2 price ranges ($0-$400,000 and $400,001-$1,000,000) and used the same areas as previously- South Santa Rosa Beach and East South Walton (areas 17 & 18). I also used 12/12 as the day because this is when the other study was done for the date ranges and I wanted to keep it the same.

So here we go, from 12/12/2008-12/12/2009 (year of 2009) the average sales price for homes in the lower range ($0-$400,000) was $264,743, and in 2010 this number was $277,956. Which means from 2009 to 2010 in the lower price range, the average sold price increased $13,213, 4.9%. As mentioned in the other post, from 2010 to 2011, the average sold price decreased $3,043, 1.01%. For the higher price range in 2009 the average sold price was $624,067 and for 2010 this number was $641.229, showing an increase in average sold price of $17,162, 2.75%. The average sold price in 2011 was $633,812, a decrease from 2010 of $7,417, 1.17%. This means prices in 2011 are down from prices in 2010. Don’t forget there are many other variables to consider when analyzing the  price changes of sales of Residential Single Family Homes, this analysis is as broad as you can get, but it gives you a small idea of the changes happening in our markets.

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